We cannot deny that the forex market is a large and complex place.  Anyone when come to this market, they often wonder about some questions like: “Who is the reliable and best forex brokers?” or “What are the top 5 largest forex brokers in 2018?” Although, most of traders want to trade with the best forex brokers, but it is difficult for them to recognize these brokers. We think that this is also a hard question for experienced traders.

Before we begin to find out the top 5 ”king” brokers, you can review our article about the best forex brokers in 2018 for more information.

Who have many years experienced in trading forex market. We have a chance in contact with a lot of traders, some of us even used to work in the forex companies. In spite of the fact that they are not 100% data for making sure to create the top 5 largest forex brokers. It’s can be say that is baseless words. Hence, we spent almost half a year to collect enough evidence. So you can completely trust what we will give you the following. Though, we also consider to some online lists but we have the reasons to think they are not reliable. Because   when we search: “những sàn forex uy tín nhất“, and we find that the name like Hotforex, ICmarket, FBS, or FXTM in those lists. We know these brokers. They are new brokers and their target just focus on some countries in South East Asia and Africa. This proves that it’s impossible for them to be largest forex brokers.

Here is list of the 5 largest forex brokers in the world:

This list is based on Forex trading volume only, so those big brokers who have low monthly forex trading volume won’t be listed.

  1. $395 Billions. Click here to learn more.

  2. $320 Billions

  3. $300 Billions

  4. Saxo Bank: $300 Billions

  5. FXCM: $220 Billions.


1.  Largest forex brokers are the perfect choices for traders:

There are a lot of scam brokers who are always willing to use complicated and dirty tricks to steal trader’s money in the forex market. Therefore, not only beginners but also experienced traders can be easily defrauded. Unfortunately, it was not until the traders lost all money that they recognized that the broker was a scammer.

Why can a scam broker not be exposed at the beginning?

Sadly, the problems won’t usually happen at the early stage of trade. The more money traders deposit, the more benefits scam brokers can get. Therefore, a scam broker will offer traders favorable trading conditions to make them relax their guard and invest more money. Even when you trade with non-scam brokers, you are highly likely to win at the beginning, because you usually follow risk management right from the start. More and more forex brokers are founded in the forex trading market. Consequently, the traders find it increasingly difficult to choose a reliable broker.

Trading with the largest forex brokers will keep your fund safe

In most cases, a scam broker will never pay the money back to the traders. The victims realize that they are defrauded only when they lost all money. But how to recognize a scam broker? To check reliability of brokers, you should get as much information about them as possible. The largest forex brokers have done business with thousands of traders. These traders will usually post and share their business experience with these brokers on the Internet and social media. Nowadays, we are living in a “flat world”, so you can take advantage of the reviews on the Internet to check reliability of the brokers that you intend to trade with. If there are any scams, you can know about them immediately. Thanks to the Internet, unreliable brokers will be exposed. Therefore, only reliable brokers can attract more traders and become the largest forex brokers. For example, Exness is one of the biggest forex brokers and is highly prestigious. You can click here to learn more about Exness’s transparency.

2. Which standards should the largest forex brokers have?

You can check out the trading volumes published by some brokers on the Internet. You should only rely on trading volumes audited by top 4 audit companies. The traders which have transparent trading volume are very reliable. I strongly encouraged you to trade with these reliable brokers. Trading with a transparent broker will keep your fund safe and sound. However, there are some brokers who don’t publish their trading volume. Therefore, I used some trusted resources such as statistic websites, financial news, and newspaper in order to check transparency of these brokers.

While having low forex volume, some big brokers such as: and Saxo Bank have very high total trading volume. It is because they provide many products like Crypto, Forex, Future, Commodities, and Stock… Consequently, their Forex volume is much smaller than the total volume.


  •’s total trading volume is $500 Billions, but Forex volume is $300 Billions.

  • Saxo Bank’s total trading volume is $600 Billions, but Forex volume is $300 Billions.

3. Why should traders do business with the largest forex brokers?

Most brokers in the above list are located in America and Europe. As a result, this list will bring the traders living in those areas a lot of benefits. But if you are Asian, African, and Australian traders, what brokers can you choose? You have to make sure that the brokers are not only reliable but also satisfy some criterion. Here are some factors you need to carefully check out:

  • Whether they are regulated in your countries.

  • Local payment systems

  • Local support

Exness is perfect choice for Asian and African traders

Exness’ s payment system is very convenient for Asian and African traders. That’s because there are a number of target countries in these areas. You can deposit and withdraw instantly and free, while other Asian brokers which don’t have local payment system will charge you from 1.7- 4% of your deposit fee. You can find Exness’s offices in most big countries such as: China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cyprus, South Africa, India and Dubai. Of course, Exness must been regulated by these country to open offices in these cities. Additionally, Exness will offer Asian and African traders online 24/7 support services. It means that you can get instant responses from their live chat.

Read more about Exness Cent account, the best choice for beginners.

If you are living in US, you should trade with They are reliable and leading in the US market.

If you are living in Europe, Saxo Bank and Exness are perfect choice.

If you want to know whether US, European brokers are suitable with you or not, you should read this article: Best forex brokers for Asian traders.

Here is the list of 5 largest forex brokers for you:

  1. $395 Billions.

  2. $320 Billions

  3. $300 Billions

  4. Saxo Bank: $300 Billions

  5. FXCM: $220 Billions.